So we've booked our next accessories event for Sunday 30th April between 11 & 3.  The lovely Victoria Fergusson will be bringing her collection ( and we'll also have pieces from Kelly Spence, Marie Canning, Rosie Willett and veils from Nieve Couture.

Tickets are £5 (to admit two) that will go to the British Heart Foundation.  Any purchases made on the day will receive 10% off.  

We'd love for you to join us so give us a call in the boutique to reserve your ticket - telephone number is 01737 243686 or e-mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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As we head into our FOURTH year we decided to spread our wings a little and add a couple of exciting designers to our collection - first up was the gorgeous Lusan Mandongus.

Lusan Mandongus is a sister brand to Annasul Y which we've had since we opened.  I've always swooned at the Lusan dresses when we go buying so snapped them up at the first opportunity.  Let me tell you ladies, they are STUNNING.  We've gone for quite an array of styles with high necks, strapless, fishtail or floaty skirts with gorgeous light silks and lace or beaded lace with tulle.  I love them but the only snag is they're not due in until October onwards although the team has teased us with one that is fast-becoming one of our most popular dresses in its short time here.  

BUT, all is not lost.  We've been lucky enough to bag a 'first look' of the dresses for our brides next weekend (23rd to 24th September.)  This will be one of the first times brides will be able to see all of the dresses in one place and we'll offer 10% off any Lusan Mandongus dresses purchased over that weekend.  The kind people at Lusan Mandongus have also opened a draw for anyone buying their dress to enter where you can win your wedding dress, how amazing would that be.  We've had a similar draw at the Annasul Y trunk shows and last year, one of our brides WON!

So, if you're interested in the collection and would like to see the dresses then book in for next weekend ASAP because I'm expecting it to be busy.




CALL 01737243686 OR E-MAIL  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for appointments.


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Tuesday, 13 September 2016 11:52



I can’t believe it.  Today we’ve reached toddler stages of running a business and The Secret Dress House turns an amazing three years old and what a whirlwind it has been. 

I’ve been so lucky to be able to ‘live the dream’ and work in such a stunning industry, I mean who wouldn’t want to do what we do and help brides find their outfit for their happiest day of their lives.  I LOVE a good wedding and we get to play a part in hundreds each year. 

From as soon as brides walk through our doors I adore the whole process - hearing about their plans and engagement stories, helping them choose ‘the one’, tailoring it for a perfect fit and seeing them days before the wedding to collect their dresses, sometimes I even have a little tear! 

But I couldn’t have done this on my own.  The dresses we stock are belters and my designers are a dream to work with, my team are second to none and have become my family, my actual family save my life every day with support, plenty of tea and often last minutes requests for childcare with my beaut of a boy Alfie but my husband, my darling darling husband has helped make ‘the dream’ happen and I love him to bits.  I've bagged myself a good'un there gang.

To all of you THANK YOU, I’ll be raising a glass to you all later (might even share a bit with you guys on Saturday J )

As we head into our fourth year we’ve got a fun-packed schedule ahead with new designers coming into the boutique, designer days booked through September to December (first up Lusan Mandongus on 24th September, more news to follow) and events planned for the new year.  Thanks for sticking with us for the ride, here’s to a long and prosperous future.


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Wednesday, 30 July 2014 16:05


Following on from the success of our Bridal Buyer award nomination we’re absolutely BUZZING to tell you we’re now listed as a finalist in the Best Retailer Website for the Perfect Wedding Awards 2014.  How amazing is that? 

Our website is our pride and joy, and we’re listed among some beautiful sites so if I was excited before, you’re needing to peel me off the ceiling now.  But this time we need your help.  We need as many people as possible to vote for us on the Perfect Wedding website below:

We’re up against some very stiff competition so every single vote will count.  The lovely team at Perfect Wedding are offering a gorgeous spa weekend for anyone that votes so if that doesn’t persuade you I don’t know what will J

Voting closes at the end of October so this won’t be the last you hear of it, watch this space for exciting offers and incentives to vote for us.


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Friday, 18 July 2014 10:10


I’m ridiculously behind the times in telling you all this, but with moving house, growing a person and being busy in the boutique I’ve rudely neglected updating my blog post but I promise to be better now we’re settling down.

So…big news…we’ve made it as a finalist in the Best Retailer Website in the Bridal Buyer Awards.  There’s only 7 finalists from across the country so it is a pretty big deal for us, to even be considered during our first year of business is no mean feat and we’re so honoured to be listed among other fantastic boutiques and websites.   

Our website is our pride and joy so we’re happy to hear that others love it as much as we do.   The observant among you will have noticed we’ve proudly placed the badge on our home page along with our other accolades.  The winners are announced on 8th September in Harrogate so keep your fingers crossed for us.


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Thursday, 13 February 2014 23:07


I waited for YEARS to receive a Valentine’s card from a boyfriend but I never managed to tie a man down for long enough to see it through to February 14th.  Calling me Bridget Jones was an understatement.  I just wasn’t lucky in love, don’t get me wrong I did have the occasional lovely boyfriend along the way, but they just weren’t meant to be and the New Year would come around and it would all break off.  For years, I hosted the girlie get together on the big day of love, it was great fun - my girls rocked and they were the loves of my life but they all coupled off long before I did.  

And then…along he came.  Just when I’d given up hope and was contemplating buying a load of cats, along he came.  The one.  We knew pretty quickly that we wanted to be together forever, and once we’d made it past my previous dating record of 9 months I was pretty confident a Valentine’s card would come my way when February came round. 

But no, no such luck.  It’s his birthday.  And you shouldn’t have to buy someone ELSE a treat on your birthday should you?!  Apparently.  I had to face it pretty early on that there’s no treats coming my way, however much I might secretly hope for a little Tiffany bag or big bunch of roses on Valentine’s morning ;)  In all fairness, he tells me loves me every day so I don’t feel left out, we still get to celebrate and I love to see all of the declarations on Facebook and flower deliveries to the office as the day goes on.    

So, as this is my first year at The Secret Dress House on Valentine’s Day (and while we’re not allowed to utter anything about it in our house) I’ve decided to make a fuss of my lovely brides who to come to visit over the weekend.  We’ve got luscious red roses to give away (with welcome discounts included) and don’t expect me not to be sharing the chocolates with you all.  Hell, we might even have a bit of fizz on the go if the shelves haven’t completely cleared by Friday afternoon!  Come and join us over the weekend and tell us your romantic plans and make me jealous.  

Oh and I suppose I should say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the husband, light of my life, better than sliced bread, favourite person in the whole wide world.  


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Thursday, 06 February 2014 12:27

Make-up masterclass

Here at The Secret Dress House, we want to be with our brides every step of the way of their most exciting journey in life – from searching for the perfect dress to feeling fabulous walking down the aisle. We know that finding your dress is only the first step to fabulousness so we plan to work with the best suppliers in our industry to offer you top tips on make-up, hair, flowers, accessories and more. 

We’ve decided to come up with a programme of master classes to get you looking glamorous on your big day and the first stop is beauty.  Your make-up choices can be as defining as 'the' dress so we're offering a master class that will run on Thursday 6thMarch, with the wonderful Antonia from Elle Au Naturel, to help you gather top tips on your perfect look.  Why not bring your bridesmaids and pick up fantastic ideas that you can all utilise on the big day?  The evening’s itinerary will run as follows:

6:30pm – drinks (and cake, there’s never not the right time for cake) reception at The Secret Dress House

6:30 to 7pm – a chance to browse the boutique for dresses and gorgeous accessories

7pm – one hour long master class tutorial begins with Antonia

8pm – Q & A with Antonia, browse the best make-up products, chat to The Secret Dress House team

9pm – event ends

Tickets will cost £20 per person, available by calling the boutique on 01737 243686 (on-line booking coming soon) and there will be exclusive discounts for any purchases made on the night.  Space is limited so reserve your space today.  Can’t wait to see you here.

 Kelly x

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Thursday, 23 January 2014 11:34

My bride (by Mr Secret Dress House)

I just didn't get it, I wasn't even close to having a clue. In the lead up to our wedding my wife seemed to go through bridal appointments like hot dinners and there were enough bridal magazines loitering around the house to fill a super-sized branch of WHsmith’s. 


When I was asked for my thoughts on wedding dress styles I feigned my interest, after all, to me all wedding dresses look the same, how different can an ivory dress look, to me brides rarely look anything but beautiful on their day. 


So i thought to myself 'Exactly how hard could this decision be?' I am a relatively simple boy, easily pleased and apart from a new found penchant for a bespoke suits (which my wife nudged me into) I’m not exactly a style guru. To be honest the only way i thought she could get it wrong would be to go really over the top with gargantuan proportions of big and bling, with this in mind I played it safe answered understated.  Actually I think it came may have come out as ‘plain’.  Nice one Stevie, she can't go wrong there I thought to myself.  In hindsight what I was really saying to her was I don't care, you’re going to look beautiful just as long as you don't f**k it up and wear something ridiculous. 


This response probably sent her into blind panic as my wife's default dress code is anything but plain. 


Fast forward 6 months.  When the music commenced, my wife eventually floated down the aisle I was a bit of a naughty boy and turned around to catch a glimpse. To say the penny dropped at that moment is an understatement of colossal proportions, even thinking back nearly two years later I feel choked with emotion. 


You see, at that moment she looked nothing like I imagined. She looked like a bride but not like any typical bride I'd seen before. She stood out more like my own Khaleesi Queen than a tried and tested typical bride. 


Obviously I am completely biased but in short she looked amazing, incredible, and a million times better than i could imagine. She had picked a slim line champagne coloured dress with an intricately beaded over dress and an amazing side tiara. 


What I loved the most about it was she looked completely different, unique but 100% Kelly, and that re-enforced exactly why i fell in love her.


My advice, never pick a dress to placate anyone else. Be brave and selfish and choose the dress that you feel the most comfortable with, the one that conveys your personality. Your partner loves you for being you, don't let anyone compromise that. 



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