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Clear Eyes Full Hearts

By Speical Guest Blogger - Stephen Harvey

I'm writing this in St Helier's hospital whilst I wait for Kelly (Chief of The Secret Dress House and also my household) who is having a small non life threatening (but thoroughly unpleasent) procedure to make her better, having been poorly for a few weeks.   

Kelly has been through the mill recently so what better oppportunity am I going to have to write a little guest update than whilst she is unconcious and is unable to stop me?! Haha - mad with power !! This could be much more fun than my normal daily comute to Canary Wharf.

So what I really want to say is, Kelly you've done great. There are probably a million and one safer investments than a bridal shop but this has been so much fun. You have done a smashing job into turning a fantasy into a fully functioning business in little under four months. Even better you did it to budget and to such a high calibre, your personality is  all over it. I love you and am so proud that you made the terrifying decision to go for it.

Whilst I'm dishing out the lashings of  love we also have to say a huge thank you to Team Amante - espectially to Liz and Margaret who have brought over 20 years of experiance to the team and made sure that we have hit the ground running. Without their know how we wouldn't have known where to start, they are both amazing and we are so happy to have them involved.

 Anyway Kelly will probably be waking up anytime soon so I'll get back in my box before she finds out.  Eek I may get in trouble for this, I havent even used smell check!

Steve x 





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