The Search for the 'Secret Dress'

Welcome to The Secret Dress House. We know that searching for the perfect wedding dress is one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding (apart from actually getting married, obvs) but it also can be a little daunting, especially if you haven't got a clue about what direction you want to go in, or worse, you've had your heart set on something and it isn't going to work.  

Here at The Secret Dress House we've worked hard to make sure the bridal wear collections we have on offer (more on that later) have something for everyone.  

Not Just Your Ordinary Bridal Boutique:

The Experience

We hope you find our boutique stylish, fresh, vibrant and cool but above all we want you to feel at ease and have fun with us. Brides can often be anxious so we want you and your entourage to shop in an atmosphere that feels welcoming, lighthearted and relaxing.

This means luxury and first class service, taking care of the little things like tea and comfy sofas and also taking the time to chat to you about your big day. We want to be a memorable part of your bridal journey and not just a business transaction. 

Rock Star Bridal Gowns

You will find a wide and brave selection of dress styles here.  If you are fashion forward and are looking for that wow factor we will not disappoint you. I have personally chosen an eclectic set of bridal gowns from some of the most amazing established and up and coming designers out there but don't worry if that isn't for you because we've got a gorgeous selection of more traditional and classic styles too.  We have vintage inspired, contemporary, Hollywood, sparkles, tea-length and tulle - you name it, we'll probably have it.

Our new made to order dresses range from £700-£3500 with the majority falling into the £1000-£2500 class. Do not worry if this sounds like its over budget, you can always keep an eye out for our sample sales as we will have some amazing designer deals on over the summer.


Brides are not all expected to be a size 10. As a curvaceous girl I know  how terrifying and soul destroying a room full of tiny dresses can be.  Currently the majority of our samples sizes are 10-14 and we are working to increase our size ranges later this year. 

 The Rules

 A fresh fake tan is a bit of a no-no (please) because it stains our dresses but other than that there are no strict rules. If you and your bridesmaids want to make an occasion of it by bringing a bottle of bubbly then that's brilliant (as long as you share with us :)

Booking an Appointment

You can either call us (01737 243686) or book an appointment online using the 'Book Now' button on the Contact Us page. 

A visit to The Secret Dress House is a 'must' when searching for your 'secret wedding dress', we won't mind if you ooohhh and ahhhhh - we do.  

Kelly Harvey Welsh Head Shot
Kelly Harvey-Welsh